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Complete this registration form to register your student for Middle School tennis.

Game Pickup Permission Slip

Please provide a copy of this permission slip when picking up your student at away games.


The first step is to complete the Middle School Tennis Registration form. The registration form and any questions can be directed to
De Pere Middle School tennis is open to all skill levels. It is a learning league, for 5th through 8th grade students to try out tennis in a competitive setting prior to High School.
As the parent of a De Pere tennis player you will get multiple e-mails during the school year and by simply responding to any coach you will be invited to the next meeting. They are typically Ix per month and hosted by a coach or tennis family.
Apart from attending the meetings, there are plenty of opportunities to help: Middle school coaching, girls basketball concession fund raisers, Pink Flamingo softball tournament fund raiser, driving to varsity away matches, flower garden upkeep, contact day help, etc.
In 2011 the tennis booster club helped fund the resurfacing the courts, then raised $50,000 for the tennis center (team room, coach’s office and concession area) and most recently raised $113,000 in order to install lights on courts 1-4. Currently a fund raiser is being run to add 2 championship tennis courts, a pavilion and an improved entrance.
DPHS tennis is both. Team comes first as shown by the typical 25-30 dual matches but players are asked to perform individually in singles as well as with many different but cooperative doubles partners. DPHS is part of the FRCC conference and competes in dual matches throughout the season
Coaches will group similar skill players together across all of the practice courts. Players will practice various strokes through rallying and drills, and will be guided with correction as needed.
Players are placed on a ladder by skill level, experience and athletic ability. They will be matched with similar skill level players on the opposing team as much as possible.
Parents and fans can and should cheer after points are won. It is not appropriate to cheer when it is obvious that the other player simply missed. Cheering should also not be confused with coaching which is not allowed by parents or spectators. Comments like “Hit it to his backhand”, “Concentrate” and “JS1 serves” are not allowed, but outbursts like “Great point”, “Way to go” and “Good job” are acceptable. Only players can call lines and whether a ball was “in” or “out”.
Weather permitting, most home matches are played at the De Pere High School tennis courts.
Comfortable clothing and tennis shoes are a must as well as an appropriate sized and weighted racquet. Coaches are there to help you and your tennis player with both.
Middle School branded T-Shirts are provided as part of your registration fee. Wearing the T-shirt during play is encouraged, but is optional. Otherwise sports clothing in white, black or maroon are all acceptable.
Tennis is a competitive game which requires stamina, concentration, patience and focus. Getting the proper amount of sleep is a must. Eating healthy foods (fruits and vegetables) and drinking plenty of water or sport drinks is also important as is having small snacks like granola bars, bananas, sandwiches on court while competing. Chocolate milk is a great post match drink.
Players have the option of being bused directly from school, or parents may drive their student from school to the opponent’s court.
Players should bring at least one tennis racquet, a small jug of water, and warm clothing for layering as needed.
Yes, provided a school form has been filled out, signed by the parent and given to a coach before leaving for an away match.
De Pere Middle School tennis does not participate in any state tournaments. Players who are interested in tournament play are encouraged to participate in USTA sanctioned tournaments outside of school athletics.
Players are encouraged to play other sports in the o.ffseason. Cross training makes for better athletes and every coach wants stronger, quicker and more coordinated athletes. Experience allows for athletes to like to compete and important in life as well as in athletics. If not playing another sport, players are urged to play as often as they can in the summer as well as participate in indoor drills, lessons and tournaments over the winter if possible.